About Us


Sean Anderson

Originally from Saskatchewan Canada, Sean has lived and worked in Japan since 1999. Frustrated by the lackluster quality of the educational materials in his EFL classrooms, he set out to create a new generation of products to inspire, delight, and motivate students to learn another language.


Patrick Reynolds

Patrick is a teacher and graphic designer from the United States. He has lived all over the world, living in Japan from 2003 to 2015. With a background in both education and design, he helps create, edit, layout, and produce Quest Maker Media products.


Alice Carroll

A resident of Melbourne, Australia, Alice is a renowned illustrator with many high profile clients including Australian National University and the National Portrait Gallery. She has a passion for both art and learning,  having studied linguistics and Japanese in both Australia and at Japan's Tsuda College. Her illustrations and art direction bring Quest Maker Media's characters to life.